Solving Complex Problems through Inspiration

Complex problems are not solved with routine solutions; they require Inspiration. HUSCO’s global engineering and application experts are ready to optimize your machine by simultaneously improving fuel efficiency, lowering cost, and increasing controllability with refined simplicity and smarter solutions.

HUSCO Hitch with EZ-Select:

Market: “We need a low-cost, high-performance hitch control solution for agricultural tractors in emerging markets.”

HUSCO: “We developed the HUSCO hitch system that delivers high-HP tractor performance at a low-HP tractor cost.”

Single Bypass Technology (SBX):

Market: “We need to offer intuitive, efficient EH controls on our tractor backhoes but our customers will not pay for it.”

HUSCO: “We developed an innovative valve solution that uses electrohydraulics to dramatically reduce hydraulic hardware and system cost.”

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Flow Summation Technology (FSX):

Market: “Our Customers are demanding variable displacement pumps to improve fuel efficiency but are unable to afford the higher cost.”

HUSCO: “By combining decades of PCLS spool valve experience with large excavator know-how we have developed an innovative new control valve system that enables variable displacement pumps to be paired with low cost valves while improving efficiency by 25% in comparison to PCLS valve solutions.”

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