About Us


Husco is a privately-owned company specializing in high performance hydraulic and electro-mechanical components. We have over 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing components for Automotive and Off-Highway applications, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative relationships with our customers.

Chief Executive Officer Austin Ramirez and Chairman Gus Ramirez.

Husco Facts

$550m+ Record Sales in 2022

1,500+ Global Employees

10 Global Sales & Manufacturing Locations

Top 3 Largest Corporate Donors to WI Charities

Our team’s creativity and expertise allows us to customize products that perform exactly as our customers want — and to do so efficiently, reliably, and at the highest possible level of performance.

We are a fast growing, community-oriented company, with facilities in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, England, China, India, Brazil, and Germany. As we expand, we are always searching for team members who embody our core values: intelligent risk taking, high performance, and practical innovation. Sharing these values allows us to innovate across all areas of the company to exceed our customers’ expectations.

A career at Husco is not just a job — it’s an entrepreneurial experience that offers incredible opportunities for growth and creativity.

Core Values

Intelligent Risk Taking

Make smart decisions in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty.

High Performance

Expect the very best from ourselves and all of our stakeholders.

Practical Innovation

Consistently and creatively push the boundary of what is possible in ways that create immediate value for our customers.

Our History


The Beginning

Husco's roots in customized hydraulics go back to 1946, with the name that is still in use today (Hydraulic Unit Specialities COmpany) being registered in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1947. Original founder Dana Schneider's vision, superior engineering and operational skills grew the company from a one-man engineering operation to a 32-strong workforce developing and manufacturing hydraulic valves and technology.

Koehring Era

In January 1968 the Koehring company acquired Husco with Schneider remaining as President of the company. For the next 12 years the company continued to grow and make significant investments in research, test and development.

Gus Arrives

In November 1980 AMCA International completed the purchase of the Koehring Company. The next year in 1981 Agustin (Gus) A. Ramirez, Jr. joined AMCA to lead strategic planning and Business development.

First International Facility

Working as part of ACMA International, Husco's management team opened our first international facility in 1984, located in the United Kingdom. Still thriving more than three decades later, this facility houses manufacturing, sales, engineering, and research and development teams that work with customers throughout Europe and Western Asia.

Established Husco International, Inc.

Gus Ramirez spearheaded a management buyout of Husco from AMCA in late 1985. Establishing Husco as an independent company sparked significant international growth by allowing Husco to market its products to major original equipment manufacturers of off-highway machines.

Husco Automotive

Building on decades of off-highway expertise in 1997 Husco developed our first automotive products that went into production in 1999 with Mercedes. The Active Body Control or ABC system for short, was a sophisticated suspension system developed for high-performance vehicles.

Automotive Growth

After the launch of the ABC suspension product, additional revolutionary Husco developments for the Automotive market followed. One of these products is the cam phasing valve. Husco began cam phasing production in 2000; with the original product intent to improve automotive performance, fuel economy, and emissions. In fact, each valve in an engine can reduce fuel consumption by 1 to 6%.

Husco China

In 2001 the Husco Shanghai facility was opened to serve the growing Asian market and provide expert support to the growing number of Asian customers.

EHPV Suspension

In 2001, Husco developed a ground-breaking suspension system for the Off-Highway market utilizing the Electro-Hydraulic Poppet Valve (EHPV). Created for flow control in hydraulic machinery, our suspension systems offer a completely programmable semi-active solution for maximum field and roading suspension performance.

Husco EPRV

In 2005, Husco designed and began manufacturing our own Electronic Pressure Relief Valves (EPRVs), used to electrify the control of Off-Highway spool valves.

Husco India

In 2007 the Husco factory and engineering department were opened to provide local manufacture and expertise to the growing Indian market as well as supporting our global engineering teams.

Introduced SCX Sectional Closed Center Valve Platform

In 2007, Husco introduced a new sectional closed center post-pressure compensated valve platform for our customers in the construction, material handling, and forestry industries. Available in three sizes, these valves provide customers with increased efficiency, productivity, and simplicity.


In 2008, Husco revolutionized hydraulic control technology with INCOVA, a technology that maximizes the efficiency and controllability of construction equipment. By replacing spool valve systems with intelligent electronic controls, INCOVA offers more effective machine controllability and can improve efficiency by more than 20%.

Launch of Variable Oil Pump Control and Cylinder Deactivation

Husco began manufacturing our first variable oil pump control and cylinder deactivation systems in 2008. By allowing the pump to modulate flow based on engine operating conditions, variable oil pump control increases fuel efficiency by 2 to 5%. Cylinder deactivation reduces fuel consumption and emissions by responding more effectively to specific driving situations by changing the number of pistons used.

Great Recession

In 2009 we saw very difficult times in our core markets. We experienced the bankruptcy of two major automotive customers and 50%+ drop in demand for global Off-Highway products. The Ramirez Family took the decision to make a capital injection to stabilize balance sheet.

Austin Ramirez Became CEO

Austin Ramirez replaced Gus Ramirez as CEO of Husco. After graduating from the University of Virginia and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Ramirez returned to Husco to support the family business. He worked in numerous roles within the company before becoming CEO.

Flow Summation

2011 marked the introduction of Flow Summation (FS), one of the most significant innovations in spool valve design in decades. This Off-Highway technology provides smoother, more stable control systems and improves fuel efficiency up to 20%.

Transmission Products

Husco launches its first transmission control products for an auto-manual transmission system.

Double Acting Suspension

Husco released the first integrated double acting and lock out suspension system to the agricultural market. System goes into production with a leading global OEM on 110-250hp tractors.

Automatic Transmission

Husco is awarded automatic transmission solenoid business for two major OEMs that will have a combined volume of over 4 million solenoids annually.

MX Valve Platform

Husco created the newest generation of Pressure Compensated Load Sense (PCLS) control valves, designed to provide the best in multifunction vehicle performance. A sectional spool valve, the MX features improved fuel efficiency and lower cost than its predecessors.

Record broken

In 2017 China breaks $100M in annual sales and Husco sets new sales record of $400M+

Headquarters Renovation

Husco headquarters renovates all office and common spaces, modernizing the facility and adding ample space for cross-functional collaboration.

Global Revenue Record

For the first time in company history, Husco's global revenue surpasses $500 million.

Largest Electric Vehicle Contract Awarded

Husco is awarded a $50 million per year contract to develop and produce a proprietary system to improve electric vehicle efficiency and extend battery range.

Environmental Stewardship

One of many ways in which Husco gives back to our community is through our environmentally conscious business practices. We design every product with efficiency in mind, and we always adhere to industry standards for sustainable production.

Across all our business locations, we examine our electric, water, and waste consumption to ensure that we use these resources as efficiently as possible. These efforts reflect our innovative, future-oriented culture and our shared belief that sustainable business practices are simply the right thing to do.

To view our Environmental and Sustainability reports please head to the important document section of our website.