Corporate Giving & Community Support

At Husco, our shared values of teamwork, integrity, and value creation are the foundation of how we treat our teammates and our customers — they are also central to our community outreach and philanthropic efforts. We strive to give back to the communities we are part of, both locally and globally.

Husco Philanthropy Statement:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that is receiving a lot of attention these days. The basic idea is that companies have a responsibility to engage in actions that further social good, beyond simply maximizing profits and following the law. Many companies (especially large, public ones) invest significant resources to plan, execute and publicize their CSR programs. These investments often stem from profit-maximizing motivations (boosting employee engagement, improving government relations or building brand equity).

Husco firmly believes in supporting its surrounding communities through various methods including providing financial assistance to a large and diverse group of nonprofits. Husco had made several unique philanthropic contributions that have provided significant impact in our community and around the world. One example is the $2 million investment made to establish a Fluid Power Chair at Georgia Tech. This investment led to a $25 million government grant and changed the face of hydraulic research & development in the U.S.

Husco believes that financial support is only one component of its local community investment plan. Service through leadership positions in the nonprofit sector is an explicit expectation of every Husco executive. 35 Husco leaders donate their time through leadership roles at 68 organizations including the United Way, Family Services of Waukesha, Waukesha Manufacturing Alliance, Waukesha County Technical College, Waukesha Workforce Development Board, GPS Partners for Education and the Waukesha County Business Alliance.

One of Husco’s unique attributes is the Ramirez Family commitment to invest a significant portion of Husco’s profits into charitable endeavors. To give you a point of reference, total corporate philanthropy in the United States represents less than 1% of pretax profits. Husco’s goal is to contribute a minimum of 10% of pretax profits each year. We often contribute significantly more than this, resulting in years like 2022 when Husco donated more to Wisconsin charities than any other business, including very large enterprises like Johnson Controls and Northwestern Mutual.

Another way that Husco is unique is the way that we focus our giving. Although we support many different organizations, over 95% of what we donate is focused on K-12 education worldwide. Our investment in St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is our single largest investment, but we also provide significant donations to colleges and universities along with scholarships for exceptional minority students and the children of Husco employees. Highlights from Husco’s 2022 charitable contributions are:

  • Total donations of over $22M
  • Augustine Preparatory Academy in Milwaukee was, by far, the largest beneficiary receiving $20M.
  • Husco, alongside our employees, raised over $1.9M for the United Way in 2022 alone and we provides a 100% donation match for employee contributions to approved charities.
  • Husco continues to provide approximately 90 scholarships for Milwaukee area students and children of employees.
  • In total, Husco supported more than 60 unique charitable organizations.