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Navigating the Unknown – Husco AMG Helps Small and Medium Manufacturers Sail in the Direction of Growth

Manufacturers must navigate multiple challenges on the path to growing their business. For instance, balancing a higher cost of labor with chronic workforce shortages, or growing sales amidst economic uncertainties. The common denominator is that they need to do more with less. And that’s where production efficiency through automation comes in. In 2019, Husco opened […]

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The Secret Behind Husco’s Perfect Circle: Electro-Hydraulic Technology

In 2017, Husco engineers were working on a complex solution for the off-highway market. The goal was to create an electro-hydraulic machine control system to turn an existing pilot operated hydraulic machine into a semi-autonomous, digitally-controlled one. “The challenge for us was how to bring advanced electro-hydraulic performance to a machine that has been developed […]

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