Ramirez Family Receives Legacy Award from Missionary Ventures International

Gus and Becky Ramirez were honored to receive the Legacy Award from Missionary Ventures International. The award recognizes Gus and Becky for their faith-based work in Central and South America, where they have been able to reach over 300,000 impoverished students and fund 200 projects.

Missionary Ventures International is a nonprofit agency that has supports thousands of people in 100 countries through the development of Christian-based schools and clinics. The organization is 38 years old. Gus and Becky have been involved for over 20 years.

“Education is our second business in a sense because it was a door opener for us, and it is the door opener everywhere. It’s the equalizer, said Gus Ramirez. “If you get an education, you can compete with anybody, regardless of the social status.”

The Ramirez family has supported dozens of missionaries, hundreds of teachers, and impacted hundreds of thousands of students.

“What we have in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, are people that we work with who understand what our goals would be through our investment in their schools,” said Gus. “And they recognize that by working together as partners, the children’s future outcomes can be dramatically improved.”

Watch the awards presentation here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG6VuIUoZls&t=3140s