HUSCO Stands with Dose of Reality, Campaign Against Opioid Addictions

On Tuesday, May 17, HUSCO International hosted Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel for a press conference regarding the growing addiction to opioids in Wisconsin. The Attorney General is launching a program, called Dose of Reality, for business in Wisconsin to help aid employees who may be experiencing an opioid addiction by providing a “safe place” for employees to take the first step in admitting their addiction. “Sharing the message,” Schimel stresses “is the most important thing (he) will do as attorney general.”

Today 4 out of 5 employers are reported to have had issues with prescription opioid addiction in their workforce. Among the most serious problems with opioid addiction in the workplace is a nationwide $26 Billion/year loss by employers due to absenteeism and reduced productivity. The recently launched Dose of Reality campaign addresses businesses specifically with many different resources to aid human resource departments in sharing the message and addressing the problems that prescription drug addictions can cause in the workplace.

“We are excited to support Attorney General Brad Schimel and the Dose of Reality campaign,” said HUSCOs General Counsel Michael Grebe, “…we are eager to begin helping any employees who may be seeking an outlet.”

HUSCO has a long history of community outreach that focuses on empowerment and education. As a committed investor in the communities of greater Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, HUSCO is proud to support the Dose of Reality campaign and its commitment to helping communities around the state of Wisconsin in overcoming the ongoing problem of prescription painkillers and heroin addiction.

To read more about the Dose of Reality campaign and learn about how your workplace can join the movement visit To read about Dose of Reality and Brad Schimel’s efforts from CBS News Click Here.