HUSCO Launches 7100 Standard Valve Series

A workhorse of large vehicle applications like wheel loaders and other large applications in a variety of markets like construction and mining, the 7100 has been primarily a custom solution throughout its workhorse history. Now HUSCO has brought to market a standardized version specifically for distribution.

Prior to this line, the valve has been only available to OEMs who have had the wherewithal to develop their own proprietary variant of the
valve.  Being of a monoblock design, it has lent itself well to development of large-run, application specific installations. HUSCO has
taken its knowledge in the development of these specialized products and created a version that contains the best aspects of the valve for the greatest audience, allowing customers to sidestep the lengthy development process while still getting the reliability, capability and
capacity of one of our largest hydraulic control valves. The new line of 7100 series includes twelve (12) different 7120 models, as well as twelve (12) 7130 models with varying spool combinations and circuitry for a variety of applications.

To see what our 7100 family is capable of and the features that it can bring to your machine application, >have a look at the features and specifications. More information can also be found through our Distributor website.

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