HUSCO International Named a Global Growth Growth Company by the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum selects firms for international recognition as Global Growth Companies. These firms are chosen from only the most dynamic companies throughout the world. 2014 has seen HUSCO International achieve this world-wide recognition.

To meet the criteria for nomination, a firm has to exhibit the following: sustained high growth over the last three to five years, measurable positive influence in the regions they operate world-wide, marked influence in the industries it participates, and visionary
leadership that results in an impeccable track record. If the firm meets the requirements, the Forum continues the rigorous process of selection by researching and verifying a number of factors. These include an internal background check and evaluation by a regional selection
committee comprised of industry experts and regional businesses. Only then will a firm make the list. HUSCO was one of 12 companies recognized in the United States.

When choosing entrants to our Community of Global Growth Companies (CGC), we assess companies on their business model, annual revenues and growth rates, executive leadership and market position, states David Aikman, Managing Director and Head of the New Champions at the World Economic Forum, HUSCO is a dynamic enterprise with clear potential to shape the future in its relevant business sectors and so is a perfect fit to our GGC community.

Austin Ramirez, HUSCOs CEO, said, over the past few years, HUSCO has seen remarkable growth in both sides of its business: the development and production of off-highway hydraulic control systems and the design and manufacture of efficiency-increasing electro-hydraulic components for the automotive market. While both have had positive impact on the companys growth, they have also been instrumental in meaningfully reducing carbon emissions across the globe. These innovative products have allowed HUSCO to increase its market presence world-wide.

Ramirez said, it’s an honor to be recognized on the global stage for what HUSCO has and continues to achieve in the industries where we compete, but even more so, in the communities that our organization calls home. Being named to the World Economic Forums Community of Global Growth Companies is not only a great honor, but it also increases our determination to use our skills and resources to make the world a better place while providing highly innovative, energy efficient products to many of the worlds most demanding manufacturers.

HUSCO has been instrumental in increasing educational opportunities for minority children and their families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has helped provide new schools to over 20,000 children in Central and South America. The Ramirez family not only donates funds, but it actively participates in its local and international efforts by serving on many non-profit boards and encourages its 1400 associates to do likewise. The family and HUSCO were instrumental in founding Schools That Can Milwaukee in 2010, an organization dedicated to the transformation of education for economically disadvantaged children. Schools That Can Milwaukee makes a positive impact on over 14,000 children and 36 schools in Milwaukee, a number that has been growing substantially each year.

Since 1971, the World Economic Forum continues to be committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation. Always in the spirit of effective global citizenship, the Forum provides a platform to engage with political, business, academic and other leaders of society to define and shape global, regional and industry challenges, solutions and actions. Relying on its moral and intellectual integrity, the organization works to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global interest while continuing to uphold the highest of governance standards. The Forum is an independent, impartial organization that works in close cooperation with major international organizations in pursuing its goals. HUSCOs partnerships with many public and private educational institutions make it an ideal member and honoree of the Forum.