Agustin Ramirez Named Wisconsin Business Leader of the Year

Last week Agustin “Gus” Ramirez was honored by the Harvard Business School Club of Wisconsin as the 2015 Wisconsin Business Leader of the Year. A graduate of Harvard School of Business, Gus has pursued excellence in every aspect of his life including business, education, and philanthropy.

As HUSCO International’s Executive Chairman, Gus has been HUSCO International’s leader for the past 31 years. Throughout this time, he has lead HUSCO through a period of remarkable growth including international expansion in England, China and India, creation of the HUSCO Automotive business and strategic technical investments that continue to differentiate HUSCO and provide for continued growth in the future.

While his extraordinary business achievements are the main reason Gus has been named the 2015 Wisconsin Business Leader of the Year,  his achievements go far beyond his corporate success. Gus has shown his great leadership outside of the business world by giving back to the community, including personally influencing the growth and improvement of Milwaukee education and student environments with a focus on the area’s under-served Hispanic community.

Among the many avenues of philanthropy Gus and his family have taken, they’ve been directly involved in founding  “Schools That Can Milwaukee”, an organization dedicated to building excellent schools in Milwaukee. Gus has also played key roles in many other community improvement projects including the financial restructuring of the Milwaukee YMCA that saved the organization from closing due to bankruptcy.

“Gus has been an enormous influence in my life and in countless other lives in Milwaukee. His generous attitude and constant desire for improvement continues to lead HUSCO International and the city of Milwaukee into new growth and achievements.” – HUSCO CEO and son of Gus, Austin Ramirez.

Most recently Gus and the Ramirez family foundation have broken ground on construction of St. Augustine Preparatory Academy, a school on Milwaukee’s principally Hispanic south side with the aim of creating a high quality educational facility directed at opening doors for deserving students.

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