Ford Invites HUSCO to Participate in High-Technology Sharing Program

HUSCO’s inclusion in Ford Motor Company’s Aligned Business Framework (ABF) program has opened the door to participating in Ford’s Joint Technology Framework. Through this program, Ford has begun to share some of it’s patent portfolio with selected minority-owned suppliers who meet the company’s rigorous criteria.

“Being included in the Ford technology sharing program is another sign that we’re continuing to exceed expectations and build strong relationships in the automotive manufacturing space,” explains Austin Ramirez, CEO of HUSCO International, “this speaks volumes to how hard everyone at HUSCO has worked to make our automotive group a dependable partner for all of the businesses we serve.”

For Ford, the program is not just for outreach. The goal of the Joint Technology Framework program is develop those technologies that will benefit Ford’s endeavors in the future by employing favored vendors whom they know can rise to the challenge. The company expects that the firms can leverage these cutting-edge patents, and turn them into viable, market-ready products and services.

“Having access to the patent portfolio Ford has developed allows us to grow in ways we hadn’t considered,” says Todd Zakreski, President of HUSCO Automotive, “combine this access with our own growing patent portfolio and it gives us a lot interesting directions to pursue.”

Since 1999, HUSCO has independently developed a wide range of highly-effective engine and transmission technologies that increase miles per gallon performance. These components are used in variable valve timing, variable oil pumps, advanced transmissions and other innovative applications that help create the tremendous increases in fuel efficiency seen over the past decade on cars like the Ford Mustang & F-150 trucks, Fiat 500, Chevrolet Silverado, Chrysler’s Ram Truck, and many more.

HUSCO International is a certified minority-owned manufacturing company based in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  HUSCO Automotive is an engineering, development and production enterprise established to service on-highway vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.  The company designs electro-hydraulic components that improve the overall efficiency and driving performance of passenger cars & trucks as well as a global leader that provides products to manufacturers in Europe, China and Japan in addition to companies in the United States.