Sr Project Engineer-Controls

This position is located in Waukesha, WI


Husco provides individuals the opportunity to pursue a career within a fast-paced, industry leading and entrepreneurial organization. This person works within an engineering team and is responsible supporting the organization with the development and support of new and existing products, analysis, tools, and algorithms. This person collaborates internally and externally with multi-disciplined teams to help envision, create, modify, test, validate and deploy analytical models, simulations, tools, and knowledge of state of the art and elegant solutions. A successful senior systems engineer enjoys solving hard problems, collaborating, control theory (including non-linear control systems), model-based control methods, as well as being hands-on. They also have strong technical background with abilities and interest to work in software, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic domains simultaneously. These skills, combined with an analytical mind, problem-solving drive, flexibility, and solid communication skills enable a Systems engineer to be successful at Husco.

Husco is committed to building a diverse environment for employees to be able:

  • To have the flexibility to put a personal ‘stamp’ on their work
  • To continuously expand and develop their professional talents, skills, and knowledge
  • To create a product for our customers that serves a greater purpose to communities around the world


  • Scale Steep Learning Curve: Rapidly expand product knowledge, abilities, and toolkit (MATLAB/Simulink®, Embedded C, hydraulics, multi-domain physics, Siemens Amesim product, software development processes, software Validation and Verification theories/methods, debugging, testing, Agile development methods) to apply to system design, implementation, and program launch.
  • Develop, Validate, and Implement System Algorithms and Software: Apply a deep understanding of non-linear systems and control theory to utilize a variety of tools (internal, MathWorks® products, VBA, embedded C software packages and libraries to develop and deploy algorithms and hydraulic circuits to solve system level problems. Responsible for testing at the software, component, and system to validate the algorithms for success, robustness, and safety.
  • Data Driven System Expert: Understand the entire system which is being controlled by Husco product. Data analysis and simulation/test are strengths when paired with controls developments which will enable innovative and elegant solutions within the constraints of the problem. Story telling with data is an important trait. This skill enables one to condense results of highly complex models, controls, and analysis in order to share with stakeholders so the best decision can be made.
  • Provide Exemplary Customer Service & Communication: Work closely with internal and external customers during the concept, development and project launch phases to execute requests, respond to questions, troubleshoot, and resolve issues all the while building collaboration across teams.
  • System Level know-how with deep low level analytical understanding: Use knowledge of software, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic domains to setup simulations and controls of a machine. Will be relied upon to understand broad level of machine systems and able to break down into the underlying elementary physics constraints to then propose, implement, test, and prove the best control theory for the given system.
  • Strong Team Player and Contributor: Able to work well with colleagues and produce results within a fast-paced and high-pressure atmosphere. Combine a balance of attention to detail and completing work within project timelines while complying with process, quality, safety, and communication expectations.


  • Masters/PhD in Mechanical or electrical engineering major with controls focus
  • Demonstrated proficiency in analytical modeling of multi-physics systems
  • Demonstrated proficiency in linear and non-linear control systems along with their application in the mobile industry
  • Demonstrated proficiency in data analysis and visualizations
  • Experience and interest in MATLAB/Simulink® and Embedded C code
  • Strong oral, written and listening communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and within a group.
  • Ability and willingness to travel internationally.
  • Authorized to work in the United States.


  • Proficient in Matlab/Simulink controls and coding
  • Proficient in Siemens Amesim physical modeling
  • Proficient in Embedded C
  • Experience and interest in Siemens Simcenter Amesim Physical modeling product
  • Interest to learn other coding languages and processes
  • Knowledge and interest to apply model based control techniques
  • Knowledge and interest in data analysis and visualization
  • Knowledge of hydraulic control systems, schematics and their applications preferred.
  • Knowledge of the software development lifecycle
  • Experience in writing software requirements, test plans, and documentation
  • Knowledge in embedded programming and processors
  • Comfortable and able to analyze and break down large control systems into smaller component level systems
  • Ability to understand and develop complex control systems in the mechatronics, robotics, hydraulic, or similar within an embedded system environment.
  • Proficient in Git Version control system



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