Sr PCB Design Engineer

This position is located in Waukesha, WI


Husco provides individuals the opportunity to pursue a career within a fast-paced, industry leading and entrepreneurial organization. This person is part of our engineering team and is responsible for supporting new and existing products, analysis, tools, and designs. This person collaborates internally and externally with multi-disciplined teams, focused on the design and analysis of complex PCBs. A person in this role enjoys developing hardware/software solutions through understanding customer needs, industry standards, and existing and novel electrical approaches.

Husco is committed to building a diverse environment for employees to be able:

  • To have the flexibility to put a personal ‘stamp’ on their work
  • To continuously expand and develop their professional talents, skills, and knowledge
  • To create a product for our customers that serves a greater purpose to communities around the world


  • Scale Steep Learning Curve: Rapidly expand product knowledge, abilities, and toolkit (Altium designer, Electrical SPICE simulation, Embedded C, Siemens Amesim product, industry standards, , debugging, testing, Agile development methods) to apply to electrical hardware design and validations from concept to production.
  • Support Electrical Hardware from concept to production and beyond: Utilize expertise to quickly turn engineering requirements into reality. Support working with PCB fab and assembly manufacturing, Test labs, component suppliers, engineering labs, software engineers, and customers to develop the high value solution to the customer in early development, into production, and through obsolescence.
  • Expertise in Motor Driver Hardware and Components: Knowledge of PCB Design for motor control hardware including experience and design techniques to prevent EMC and EMI. Experience in Microprocessor selection and robust PCB layout. Designing and selecting hardware for high temperature (150 degrees C) automotive environments. Experience utilizing the latest software (Altium, Ansys, ICEPak) to understand PCB layout and control head and transients. Testing/Validation/Documentation for Production.
  • Provide Exemplary Customer Service & Communication: Work closely with internal teams and external customers and suppliers during the concept, development, and project launch phases to execute requests, respond to questions, troubleshoot, and resolve issues all the while building collaboration across teams.
  • Deep Understanding of Electrical power and communication systems: Use knowledge of software, mechanical, and electrical domains to setup simulations, firmware, component tests, systems tests, and modifications of a PCBA. Will be relied upon to understand broad level of electrical systems and able to break down into the underlying components and circuits, finally, using this understanding to propose, implement, test, write software, and prove function/fit with respect to requirements.
  • Strong Team Player and Contributor: Combine a balance of attention to detail and completing work within project timelines while complying with process, quality, safety, and communication expectations.
  • PCBA optimization for low cost vs. performance


  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering major or equivalent
  • 4 years of work experience and demonstrated proficiency in embedded PCB power electronics, board design, board layout, testing, board rework/soldering, and debugging
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a 3D board layout Design package
  • Demonstrated proficiency in simulation of electronic circuits
  • Understanding of Electrical requirements of mobile equipment (EMC, ESD) and how to read, understand, design for, test, and validate conformity to applicable standards
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and within a group.
  • Ability and willingness to travel internationally.
  • Authorized to work in the United States.


  • Proficient in Altium Designer
  • Experience in working with stakeholders (internal, suppliers, test house, customer) to launch product
  • Experience/interest in working with Electrical component and assembly manufacturers from concept, to test, to production and obsolescence
  • Knowledge of hydraulic control systems, schematics and their applications preferred.
  • Comfortable with the analysis and able to break down large control systems into smaller component level systems


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