UK Facility Attains ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification

Runcorn, England – Husco’s Runcorn facility recently attained ISO 50001 energy management certification, a globally recognized energy management standard that provides a framework for companies to establish, implement, maintain, and improve energy management in their operations.

To make this initiative happen, an energy management team consisting of individuals from Runcorn’s Environment Health and Safety team, the Engineering department, Maintenance, and Finance was mobilized.

Targeted Approach to Energy Use

Working together, the group measured and set the baseline for energy usage in the facility and identified high-consumption areas. After taking initial measurements, the team overlaid energy usage spikes against the different manufacturing lines operating in the facility, giving them a clear picture of where the most energy was being expended. This allowed the group to take a targeted approach to tackling energy use in the areas where reduction would make the most impact.  The group are responsible for reviewing suggestions for potential energy improvements and driving the completion of feasible projects.

Husco NextGen Paint Line

Strategy in Action

The Next Gen Paint Line, which opened at the UK facility in November 2023, is a great example of this strategy in action.

While the new paint line setup is notable in and of itself, one of the most impressive achievements relates to the energy used on the line. When the line was re-designed, the team looked at ways to increase efficiency. They discovered that heat typically lost during the curing process could be repurposed, resulting in a 90% reduction in the energy required to heat the prewash station. This energy-saving strategy not only reduces Husco’s energy use but also continues to demonstrate the ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency throughout the UK facility.