Great People: The Key of a Successful Business

Husco CEO Profiled in Index500

Austin Ramirez, Husco CEO, was recently interviewed by Index500, a special issue compiled by Latino Leaders magazine featuring the 500 largest Latino Owned companies based in the United States. This is a small excerpt from the interview.

What experiences in your personal upbringing influenced your entrepreneur spirit?

AR: “My father (Gus) is a Puerto Rican immigrant who raised me with a deeply held belief in the American dream and an entrepreneurial grit that is so common among immigrants to this country. One of my earliest childhood memories was hearing my mother explain to our neighbor her fear that we would wind up living on the street because our family had mortgaged our home and all our possessions to finance the acquisition of Husco, which Gus purchased in a management-led LBO in 1985.  This willingness to take big risks and bet on our ability to succeed is still an important part of the ethos of our company today.”

Read the complete interview on page 45 of Index500




“The Index platform was born as a collective desire to showcase the most prominent companies in the United States with majority ownership from Latinos according to annual revenue. This exciting journey started in 2023, and it immediately indicated the business power and entrepreneurial spirit of hundreds of successful families and individuals, across multiple generations in many cases, who are proud of their origin and have their headquarters located in the United States.” – Eduardo Tobon, BMO and Co-creator of the Index500

Husco appears in the #40 spot in this comprehensive list.