HUSCO Named Wisconsin’s largest Charitable Contributor

HUSCO International is proud to announce its recognition by the Milwaukee Business Journal as 2017’s “Largest Corporate Charitable Contributor in Wisconsin.”   The Ramirez family, owners of HUSCO International, believes that private companies have a responsibility to serve as community leaders. These values are embedded in the culture of the global HUSCO organization.

In 2016 year HUSCO contributed a total of $16,300,000 to more than 30 nonprofit organizations in the state of Wisconsin.  HUSCO also contributed to annual fundraising campaigns for the United Way and the United Performing Arts Fund.

“We are proud to play a positive role in supporting the education of children & families, strengthening communities and increasing employment opportunities,” says Austin Ramirez, CEO of HUSCO International, “All of HUSCO’s worldwide employees contribute to these important efforts to make a positive impact in the broader community. “

The funds contributed this year also helped build St. Augustine Preparatory Academy. The new $50 million school on Milwaukee’s south side will provide transformational educations to children throughout Milwaukee. Aug Prep, which opened its doors in mid-August, has an initial enrollment of nearly 600 students. The long-term plans for the school calls for expanding that number to 3,000 students per year.