Harness Automotive Quality Electro-Hydraulic Controls to Improve Off-Highway and Commercial Vehicle Transmissions

Off-highway equipment manufacturers are constantly challenged with developing new vehicle models for agriculture, construction, power sports, and utility applications that deliver more power and durability while offering a smoother operating experience.

The automotive industry has been successful in improving fuel economy, enhancing performance and extending machine life using control valves in transmissions for electro-hydraulic (EH) actuation. Until now, the full commercial and technical benefit of this technology was out of reach for most off-highway OEMs because lower volume EH cartridge suppliers could not translate high volume automotive advancements into the more complex and specialized needs of off highway machines for controlling large gear sets, high duty cycles, and higher flow rates — all in various operating modes and conditions.

The quality and performance of automotive grade electrical actuation is now available for off-highway vehicles using HUSCO’s Electro-Hydraulic (EH) Cartridge Valve Family, which includes solenoid valves that can be used for shifting, clutching, direction changing, cooling and power control, all based on the same high-performance platform.

The new cartridge family uses a common, automotive-grade, high-volume solenoid force motor that has been engineered to achieve the most consistent and efficient magnetic force. The modular platform minimizes part count, optimizes manufacturing, and lowers overall product cost to finally allow for automotive EH advancements to be economically integrated into off-highway applications.

Precise Control You Can Count On

Electrical actuation has benefits when used in automated manual transmissions (AMT), continuously variable transmissions (CVT), dual-clutch transmissions (DCT), power shift transmissions and hybrid transmissions. Once cost-prohibitive, electric actuation using automotive techniques is now opening doors for a number of opportunities to increase durability, performance and operating experience.

Reliable and repeatable precision at the “kiss point” (when the friction plates touch and start turning the driven shaft), provides more predictable actuation and clutch engagement for a smoother transition of gears, a smoother ride, and better overall control of the vehicle. By eliminating delays between shifting and wasteful jerky motions, operators are more productive and comfortable. This is especially important when using multiple gears, during long work periods and when using automated shift functions.

The HUSCO EH cartridge valve extends service life because its unique automotive bearing design has low friction, and a built-in filtration system that protects against oil contamination and maximizes consistency across varying operating modes, conditions, and temperatures. As a result, there’s less downtime and lower service costs over the life of the transmission.

Off-highway Design Expertise

Our deep knowledge in automotive EH controls, our best-in-class manufacturing process, and our proven expertise in off-highway applications makes HUSCO well-suited to drastically improve transmission capabilities for off-highway vehicles. And, our modular design approach gives us the flexibility to develop cartridges that OEMs install directly, as manifold valve blocks, or cast metal options for unique space requirements.

The new HUSCO EH valves for transmissions benefit both on and off highway vehicle OEMs in several industrial applications:

Commercial Trucks and Utility Vehicles

As North American trucks switch from manual to predictive hybrid transmissions by 2020, it will be more important than ever to have electric actuation for start/stop and pick-up speed functions. Trucks will be more efficient and use less fuel by being able to more precisely operate a vehicle’s transmission with reliable electro-hydraulic controls.

Material Handling Vehicles

In the quick-stop, quick-go warehouse environment, speed and precision are important for efficient material handling. HUSCO EH valves will facilitate consistently faster and smoother directional changes while driving.

Agricultural Vehicles

Tractors have multiple gears, high torque, and high duty cycles, so the management of the higher flow rates of an electrically-actuated agricultural transmission has to provide the best in clutch control. HUSCO’s new force motor is comfortable operating at higher pressures without sacrificing the improved response that is especially important in applications that require better precision in all environmental conditions.

Recreational Power Sports Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are becoming more sophisticated than ever, featuring the comfort, performance, and reliability expectations of on-road passenger cars. Customers now want high performance, faster speeds, and a smoother ride. The HUSCO EH valve provides better power train control and easy shifting to make this possible.

Construction Equipment

Electrical actuation helps construction equipment get more power from small engines and extends transmission life. Similar to agricultural tractors, many construction machines operate heavy loads using multiple gears, so precision and smooth operation while performing higher duty cycles is a must.

Off-highway vehicle OEMs are looking for transmissions cartridge valves with smooth control, flexibility, ease of implementation and lower part-to-part variation point to simplify software programming. HUSCO’s high-quality electro-hydraulic cartridges provide an extended lifetime of performance and durability, giving OEMs and end user operators a competitive edge.

With its new cartridge range, HUSCO is breaking down the traditional barriers between digital control possibilities and precise, reliable and fast hydraulic actuation. Contact us to find out what we can do for your application.