Growing Education in Milwaukee: Ramirez Family Foundation Purchases Former Cardinal Stritch Campus

This past July, the Ramirez Family Foundation, intent on growing K-12 education opportunities in the Milwaukee area, agreed to purchase the former Cardinal Stritch University grounds. The foundation plans on converting the campus into a new north side location of St. Augustine Preparatory Academy, a non-denominational Christian school that is committed to changing Milwaukee’s educational landscape.

At a recent event hosted by the Milwaukee Business Journal, Gus Ramirez, Chairman of Husco, went on record to talk about the unexpected purchase and the newly initiated north side campus.

“The last thing the Aug Prep leadership team needed was for me to go out and buy another school,” Ramirez said. “It happened very quickly.”

“Phase one will be about 1,500 students. … We want to do something that’s never been done in Milwaukee and maybe the country. We’re going to develop a new school where we’re going to create diversity from day one. We’re going to do that by reserving 30% to 40% of the seats for tuition-paying students, and 60% to 70% will be choice students.”

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