Husco Awarded $50 Million Per Year Contract With Global Automaker

Multi-year contract is the company’s largest award for battery electric vehicles

July 5, 2022, Waukesha, Wis. – Husco, a privately-owned company specializing in hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems for the automotive and off-highway industries, announced today that it has been awarded a $50 million per year contract to develop and produce a proprietary system to improve electric vehicle efficiency and extend battery range.

“This is Husco’s largest new program focused exclusively on battery electric vehicles, demonstrating our ability to work with our customers to make cars cleaner and more efficient across all types of powertrain,” said Austin Ramirez, chief executive officer of Husco. “Long recognized as a leader in the development of hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems that enable gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles, Husco is increasingly creating new solutions for the growing electric vehicle market. Today, approximately 40 percent of our engineering resources are supporting new products for electric vehicles. The ability to meet the needs of our customers across all powertrains is among our core competitive differentiators, allowing us to pivot with our customers as technology, regulation and car buyer preferences continue to evolve.”

The program is based on new technology developed by Husco to enable each wheel of the vehicle to connect or disconnect to the electric motor based on driving conditions. This selective motor engagement improves vehicle efficiency and extends battery range. To support this project, the company plans to invest $10 million in new capital equipment and plant infrastructure and create 30 incremental new manufacturing and professional jobs. The program is expected to reach full volume by 2025.

“The automotive industry is undergoing transformative change,” said Todd Zakreski, president of Husco Automotive. “By 2030, we expect to generate more than $500 million per year in business from hybrid, electric or autonomous vehicle systems. While this represents a significant change in our business and the industry overall, we remain committed to supporting our customers across powertrains.”

In addition to serving existing customers, the combination of this and other recent new program wins is driving the hiring of more than 50 incremental new positions in engineering, manufacturing and professional positions. Frequently recognized as a best place to work, there are numerous opportunities for entry level to seasoned professionals to grow their career at Husco. To learn more, visit

About Husco

Husco is a privately-owned company specializing in high performance hydraulic and electro-mechanical components for the automotive and off-highway markets. Based in Waukesha, WI with operations in the United States, India, China, and the United Kingdom, Husco’s global footprint aligns with OEM manufacturing plants across the globe. Husco’s global engineering teams are continuously working to develop innovative product solutions that meet the evolving system requirements of on-highway vehicles and off-highway equipment including advancements in fuel efficiency, electrification, and automation. Product applications include implement controls, transmission controls, steering systems, brake controls, electric drive disconnect systems and thermal management systems. To learn more, visit