HUSCO Hosts National Campaign “I Make America”

On Monday, April 25th, HUSCO International hosted I Make America, a program created by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) to promote manufacturing in the United States. HUSCO, a gold supporter of the I Make America campaign, provided employees with the opportunity to explore and acquire additional information on political topics relating specifically to their manufacturing future.

HUSCO CEO, Austin Ramirez, made employees aware that he would never attempt to persuade anyone to vote for a specific candidate, however he believes all his employees should be educated on the political aspects that affect manufacturing in the U.S. that will be heavily influenced by this year’s presidential election.

“I understand that not everyone will agree on issues of today, but the more educated we all are on issues that relate to us the better off we are in making the best decisions for our future. That is what I am trying to accomplish by bringing I Make America to HUSCO today.” HUSCO CEO Austin Ramirez commented.

I Make America is a program that focuses purely on educating the American manufacturing workforce to confront the issues that affect them through their involvement with manufacturing. Focusing specifically on infrastructure investments and export agreements, the objective of this program is to improve American manufacturing policies and to create more jobs in the US.

Representing I Make America was the president of AEM, Dennis Slater. Also in attendance were Wisconsin State Senator Chris Kapenga and State Representative Adam Neylon. Together they provided insight on the political side of manufacturing and helped to create a productive learning environment for HUSCO employees.

HUSCO employees showed interest in learning how they can help improve their industry through participation in the voting process and how American civics can influence their lives. The opportunity to hear directly from I Make America, a program that cares so greatly for the future of manufacturing in America and for the future of this country, should prove beneficial not only for HUSCO, but for future generations in America.

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