New High Pressure Main RV for SCX Series


HUSCO has recently released a new higher pressure main relief valve differential relief valve 62960 series for applications requiring a main RV setting higher than 3400 PSI currently offered by the 61056 version. The new 62960 is rated from 2030-5365 PSI (140-370 bar) and comes standard set at 3842 PSI (265 bar). The max rated pressure of the SCX line is 4000 PSI. The part number is N62960/265A and has a list price of $19848. Lead time will be approximately 3-4 weeks.

Also be advised that the 60360 direct acting relief valve was replaced by the 63360 version in 2015. This was updated in all 2015 pricing guides sent out late in 20145. If you have any questions please let us know.