Engineering Technician-Electronics


Husco provides individuals the opportunity to pursue a career within a fast-paced, industry leading and entrepreneurial organization. Engineering Technician-Electronics support the efforts of the Engineering department by executing high-level technician tasks including directing Technicians work, formulating work execution plans and methods, documenting daily work activities, maintaining and updating laboratory equipment in safe and proper working condition and providing technical training when required. Keep Manager and Engineers informed of status, concerns and problems at all times. A successful Engineering Technician-Electronics has a strong technical and mechanical background, is able to rapidly learn new concepts/techniques, is a strong team player and can perform duties with little or no supervision or engineering guidance. This individual will go the extra mile with his/her team to meet and exceed customer expectations. Able to operate independently in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, Engineering Technicians-Electronics can switch gears quickly to build prototypes and execute diagnostic tests as needed.

Husco is committed to building an environment for employees to be able:

  • To have the flexibility of their own work and put a personal ‘stamp’ on their output
  • Continuously expand and develop their professional talents, skills, and knowledge
  • Create a product for our customers that serves a greater purpose to communities around the world


  • Set-up and Complete Testing and Assembly of Prototype Assemblies. Ensure completed set-up of new equipment within 1 week of purchase and delivery. Able to assemble and test prototype housings and hydraulic valves. Ability to read and use assembly prints. Knowledge of machines; excavators and TLBs, for retrofits and prototyping. Safety advocate for the organization, providing management with lab safety improvement suggestions and being an advocate and follower of safety policies. Familiar with durability test stands, including the supply circuit, 808 controllers and programming of 808 controllers. Able to set-up, tune, and debug durability tests.
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis of Failures. Knowledge of current products and how they operate and/or fail. Able to analyze field returns for failures and assist with creating and maintaining failure reports. Able to create reports detailing test configurations and results. Able to analyze data and graphically represent data clearly.
  • Fabrication. Ability to use various types of equipment for fabrication of parts used in testing. Able to use drill presses, lathes, grinders and other equipment.
  • Manage and Maintain Lab Equipment. Ensure that equipment is adequate for the test being performed. Maintain equipment as necessary using working knowledge of test benches, machining, components and systems. Log new equipment into calibration system and ensure that calibration is done routinely and professionally with proper documentation. Ensure that transducers and tools are organized and stored properly. Set-up, maintain and de-bug computer data acquisition systems. Manage prototype material and supplies for efficient operation.
  • Maintain Lab Test and Prototype Records. Collect and store test data. Log shipments to customers. Assist in quality control of prototype hardware and ensure lab personnel are following proper quality processes. Proficient with flow meters, pressure transducers, thermal sensors, LVDT sensors, and other various measurement devices. Able to set-up and program data acquisition programs in Can-analog and EHPV-auto cal.
  • Assist in the Design and Set-Up of Test Benches. Work with Engineers and Suppliers to design new test benches. Procure test bench components and assemble as needed. Use working knowledge of computers and data acquisition systems to implement start-up of test benches and related custom software systems.
  • Maintain a Professional and Customer Service Attitude in the Lab. Quickly establish credibility and respect from Engineers and Technicians. Ensure that lab customers (internal and external) are treated with respect. Ensure organized and readily retrievable test result data is available. Ensure all documentation is completed and filed properly. Maintain a high morale within Lab and manage personnel issues with assistance from Human Resources.
  • Scale Steep Learning Curve. Rapidly expand equipment and component knowledge. A wide variety of new designs and applications are built and tested within Automotive Engineering department, requiring successful Engineering Technicians to grasp concepts and designs and build a deep knowledge of testing equipment and capabilities quickly. At a minimum, individual will be expected to build a general understanding of valves and components over the first 30 days, understand lab equipment and uses within the first 60 days, and learn/utilize Husco systems for tracking lots and recording tests within the first 90 days.
  • Strong Team Player and Contributor. Able to work well with colleagues and produce results within a fast-paced and high-pressure atmosphere. Combines strong attention to detail with an orientation towards results/execution.


  • Associate Degree or equivalent military or formal training with emphasis in Fluid Power Technology, Hydraulics, Electronics or equivalent.
  • Minimum of one (1) year of experience working in a machine shop or doing diagnostic testing/repair.
  • Expertise with (oscilloscopes, function generators,) instrumentation and data acquisition systems.
  • Experience with analyzing data and writing reports, has conducted failure analysis on valves.
  • Demonstrates mechanical aptitude.
  • Able to set up and test prototypes from a print and build test setups from scratch.
  • Strong oral, written and listening communication skills.
  • Basic schematic and print reading.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office products, Visio, Labview Applications, MatLab scripts.
  • Team oriented, possesses leadership/mentoring skills.
  • Possess some training experience.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to interact with people at all levels of responsibility.
  • Authorized to work in the United States.



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